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    This 99-year-old man begs every day and gives it all away to churches and orphanages.

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    Eddie Murphy at the ‘Purple Rain’ premiere when asked what he thought about the film
    July 27 ‘84

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    Gloria Hendry (with Jim Kelly) in 1974 film, Black Belt Jones

    ahaha damn straight

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    Open your eyes.

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Air Presto


    Air Presto

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    I’m raising support for a possible charity mixtape called “Healing”. 100% of profits would be donated to school shooting victims and families.

    I need to raise enough interest to get the studio to record it with me. <— if you take 10 seconds out of your day to like this and reblog this post, you could make a world of difference in thousands of lives.

    Thanks for any and all support guys. Lets get this to circulate!

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